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Recovery 360 is the culmination of decades working with clients and providers within the behavioral health industry. We operate to offer a broad spectrum of individual and organizational assistance, both as therapists and consultants, to strive for an overall higher level of care.

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Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

working with individuals to create life changes, support recovery, or move through distinct issues that require therapeutic resolution.

Each therapeutic relationship takes on the form that it needs to based on our client’s distinct needs. We spend ample time in the initial sessions gaining a full, holistic understanding of whom our client is by learning about a client’s history, addiction and previous treatment experiences, past and present professional experience, and of course what has or has not worked for the client therapeutically and professionally.

Couple's Therapy

Working with couples to overcome marital or general issues which have caused ongoing conflicts in a relationship and return couples to a healthy place of love.

Couples therapy at Recovery 360 is embarking upon a journey of return- each individual partner to themselves, as well as to one another in the relationship. Helping couples find intimacy from the inside out, Ronnie takes a measured and delicate approach to create a new stasis and means for interacting.

Family Therapy

Working with families to create cohesion and harmony through strong communication skills, fostering bonding, and re-establishing trust.

We often use the symbol of a tree to map out our connections to our family. We have our roots in our oldest generations, and as our family grew a trunk and started to branch off in different directions, our family tree expanded. Each of us has a larger family tree to our extended family and a smaller family tree for our immediate or nuclear family.

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Consulting Services

Achieving Results with Professional and Organizational Counseling

The same results-first attitude applies to our professional consulting services. We are focused on helping our clients identify, see, and achieve the goals they collaboratively set forth with us.

During our initial sessions, we gain a clear picture of what the client has struggled with personally and professionally, within their organization. Working together with our client, we outline a trajectory that will help our client meet incremental as well as penultimate goals. Throughout the consulting relationship, we adjust steps and end goals realistically to maintain sustainability, intermittent success, and positive momentum.

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