Welcome to Colorado's eating disorders, mental health, and addiction recovery provider. Providing recovery support for individuals and families.

Our Mission

Recovery 360 provides specialized therapeutic support, guidance, and education to the people with whom we work as they travel their individual path of recovery to a healthy, happy, and abundant life.


Our Team Approach

Within Recovery 360, we act as a team in collaboration with our clients, their families, their medical and mental health professionals. It is through a unified treatment team that we are able to support our clients to attain their goals.

Community-Based Services

We feel that it is essential to meet the individuals we work with "where they are". This not only means helping them develop realistic goals for their individual stage in recovery, it literally means that we go to their home and out into the community with them to work on their recovery plan. This affords us the opportunity to give direct support as stressors arise in the environment they live in every day.


The most important aspect of our work is to empower the people we serve. Often, they have experienced months and years of well-meaning people telling them what they need to do and dictating their choices. Through education and coaching, we are able to support our clients to make choices that enhance their wellness and allow them to reach their goals!